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Medical Detection Dogs Italy Onlus is the first non-profit organization in Italy for the research on canine smell as an early diagnostic tool for cancer, as a complement to the existing diagnostic methods. Early diagnosis means higher survival rates.

Early diagnosis methods available today are often invasive, stressful, sometimes even harmful for the person’s health, and expensive, either for the patient or for the national health system. For all of these reasons, these test are often available only on those who are considered at risk (people that are 50 or older, long-time smokers, etc.)

We need an early diagnostic method that proves to be reliable, non-invasive and cost effective.

Belgian Malinois, 2 years old
Belgian Malinois, 8 years old
Hound Mix, 2 years old
Dobermann, 4 years old

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Our work is only possible thanks to the support of individuals, companies and foundations that believe in the great potential of dogs’ sense of smell in the fight against cancer.


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